EDV 2018!! Free US Visa Lottery!! Apply Now!!

The countdown for Electronic Diversity Visa (EDV) 2018 has begun. It been scheduled for a month as usual, from October 2016 to November 2016. In between this time people fill up the EDV form online for FREE from their homes via internet.

EDV is the easiest, fastest, the best legal way to enter into United States of America at a low cost. It costs only about 2-4 lakhs in total to enter into the United States if you are one of the lucky winners. Otherwise using other ways to go to the U.S. are either very expensive or even may be illegal in some cases.

EDV 2018

The applying cost for EDV is totally FREE: There is NO FEE to enter the DV lottery. Beside there is no need of consultants as well. In fact the U.S. embassy recommends against using a consultant to assist you with your application.

EDV 2018!! Free US Visa Lottery!! Apply Now!!

The DV lottery must be submitted from the official website at link: www.dvlottery.stste.gov. The form submitted from any other websites are fake and will not be counted as legal application. And one person must submit only one application, multiple applications will be counted invalid.

Once you have submitted your EDV form, you will get a confirmation number which you will need later to check the results. So be sure to print or save your confirmation number. In case you lose the the confirmation number, you won’t be able to claim your result even you are the lucky winner.

The result of the DV lottery is always published on May 3rd of the following year for which you have submitted the application form. The only way to determine whether you are selected for the DV lottery is to log on to www.dvlottery.stste.gov and then check your confirmation number with the Name and Date of Birth (DOB) that you have provided while submission.

Good Luck!

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