How To Apply For EDV 2017 US Visa Lottery

EDV (Electronic Diversity Visa) is the cheapest and the best way to enter the US with a green card as one can fly to the United States of America with maximum cost around Nepali Rs 2 to 4 Lakhs after wining the EDV lottery.

EDV lottery for the year 2017 is to be submitted in 2015 for which the result will be out in 2016 and the lucky winners will fly to the US within a year.

After registering their application in 2015, the winners will be proclaimed by random selection via computerized system in 2016 and the winners will leave for America.

United States of America

Nepalese apply for EDV in the hope quality life, quality education and secured future in America. EDV has now become a trend in Nepal but still there are huge mass of people who don’t have any idea on how to apply for the US DV lottery.

Even though most people now-a-days have access to internet at their homes, they still don’t fill up their EDV form on their own. Instead they fill EDV verify entrant visiting various E-Spot, where they charge Rs 500 to 1000 just for a simple photograph and for filling up a form, which I consider is a very high price for the task.

US authorities have been requesting people not to pay for filling Electronic Diversity Visa (EDV) lottery but people here in Nepal have been paying for it as they don’t know how to fill up the EDV verify entrant on their own.

How to fill EDV verify entrant on your own?

To fill up the EDV verify entrant, all you need is just an internet connection and a photo of yours, then you can apply from your home staying in-front of your PC or laptop. Talking about the requirements, you must be intermediate (+2) passed and citizen of valid country to fill an EDV application.

Now to apply for EDV lottery, go to the link and fill up all required information. The EDV verify entrant will appear as shown in the picture below:

EDV Verify Entrant

Make sure that all the information you provide are accurate and valid so that you won’t have any problem in case you are one of those lucky ones to fly to the US.

How to generate a valid photo for EDV lottery?

Next come the fear for valid photo required for filling EDV application. Don’t worry on that, we have a simple idea that will change your perspective on restringing your EDV lottery from home.

You should use a photo with the dimensions mentioned in the below EDV Image Size description.

EDV Image Size Template

Or you can visit – where you will find all important tips about valid photo for EDV application.

By this time, you have learned how to create a valid photo and to fill the EDV verify entrant on your own. Thus you can now apply for EDV lottery from your home without going to any E-Spot and without paying for filling Electronic Diversity Visa.

If you win the lottery, you will receive a letter at the address you provided in the EDV verify entrant and you’ll be notified through email as well. Good Luck !

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