Latest Nepali Loadshedding Schedule

Latest Nepali Load-Shedding Schedule: Effective from December 24, 2015 (९ पौष २०७२)

Make your daily life easier with effective time management with the latest Load-shedding Schedule effective from Dec 24, 2015 (९ पौष २०७२) given below.

At present the use of smart phones and laptops is increasing day by day in our country. And of course, they all need power supply to function for which electricity is needed. But in context of our country, we can not always have electricity at our homes and working places.

Nepal Electricity Authority has increased the Load-shedding duration by 20 hours. i.e. The electricity will be cut for 77 hours on weekly basis, starting from 24th December, 2015 (९ पौष २०७२). You can view the Load-shedding Schedule of all the 7 groups from the picture below and save it in your devices if needed.

Nepal Loadshedding Schedule (Dec 24, 2015)

Picture above contains the latest Load-shedding Schedule published by Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) on 24th December, 2015 (९ पौष २०७२).

Also there are various mobile applications available for Android, IOS and Windows phones as well to get latest Load-shedding Schedule. However, sometimes these apps may take longer time to update the new Load-shedding Schedule.

Bookmark our site to be updated with the latest Load-shedding Schedule as soon as provided by the Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA).

The main reason of Load-shedding in Nepal is due to lower rate of production of electricity in comparison to it’s use. Despite being the second richest country in the water resources with the capability of producing 83 thousand Mega Watt electricity, Nepal has yet not been able to provide sufficient electricity to its citizens.

Lets hope that the people in the government will soon understand our difficulties and address our problem with effective solution in the days to come.

For detailed information visit the official site of Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) at link:

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