Ncell Vs Nepal Telecom (NTC): Internet Packages & Prices

The warfare between Nepal Telecom and Ncell began long ago and is still going on, but which one is the potential winner? Find out yourself which of the two mobile operators meets your requirements and is best for you.

Nepal Telecom – popularly known as NTC is state owned telecommunication service provider in Nepal while Ncell is a privately owned GSM mobile operator. The competition between the two GSM operators has become tough as Nepal Telecom recently felt the necessity of providing Internet Packages to its customers, after many years since its establishment.

Previously only the Prepaid SIM users of Nepal Telecom could use the Internet Packages but now even the Postpaid SIM users also can use this facility, and they don’t even have to go to the Customer Care Center to activate the data packages. Starting from Ashwin 20, 2072 (October 7, 2015) you can activate and use the different Internet Packages even in the Postpaid SIM cards as well.

Provide that, now both the operators offer variety of Internet Packages, you can choose to use any one as your service providers and enjoy the internet facility. We have made your task easier by listing out all the Internet Packages provided by both Ncell & NTC along with their cost and validity period.

Compare the Service, Cost & Validity offered by both the companies and choose which one do you prefer. Ncell Vs Nepal Telecom (NTC).

Ncell Vs NTC (Internet Packages & Prices)

Index: The short form NA means Not Available.

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